5 online functions to help you work efficiently

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How can you minimize paperwork, streamline the application process, and get all the information you need to sell our plans? Use our online services to:

  1. Complete and submit individual and family and Medicare Advantage applications
  2. Check to ensure you’re assigned as the broker of record
  3. View plans
  4. Send quotes
  5. Track online enrollment

Keep a few things in mind:

  • Secure services are only available for direct business on our HMO plans.
  • You must be Medicare certified in order to use our online services for Medicare.
  • For Washington Health Benefits Exchange clients, you’ll still need to complete the application on their website.

Log on to our producer site to access secure features. If you have questions about how to maximize these valuable services for you and your business, or you’d like a copy of the quoting tool user guide to learn more, please reach out to your sales executive.