Action required to assign you as producer of record

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Several of you have notified us that there have been issues with online enrollment for our individual and family and Medicare Advantage plans. Specifically, when your clients applied online via your enrollment link, you weren’t being assigned as their producer of record. We have verified that, in some cases, producer information wasn’t transferring when being copied and pasted, or when your enrollment link was emailed from a browser bookmark or another saved location.

We’ve worked closely with our online enrollment vendor to address this and are happy to report that they recently rolled out a system update to prevent this from occurring going forward. However, if you have clients who enrolled using your link the over past two months, you may not be listed as their producer of record in our system.

Action needed
At your earliest convenience, please email your sales executive with a list of clients who you’ve emailed your link to, or who have tried to enroll using your enrollment link since Oct. 1. This will allow our account management team to search for each of these members and make sure you’re assigned as their producer of record now. We want to locate and reassign these members to you as soon as possible so there is no delay in paying February commissions.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these system issues and, as always, for your support of Group Health.