Exceptional health plan value and choice lead to banner year for large group

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Connie Marvik, Director, Large Group Sales

Connie Marvik, Director, Large Group Sales

By Connie Marvik, Director, Large Group Sales

As the year closes on our most impressive sales year ever, I want to reflect on what has made our products so attractive to employers.

We’ve seen substantial gains in our market share this year with more than 22,000 new members added to our large group book of business, and January looks to be another excellent month for new sales.

Flexible products at a reasonable price

This year saw the sunsetting of our POS products and the introduction of our Access PPO, which sets a new standard in the market for product flexibility. Our PPO network is one of the largest in the state and includes the one thing that no other carrier can offer: the highest-ranked medical group in Washington state, according to the Washington Health Alliance (WHA) 2016 Community Checkup.

By offering plans with a large network and state-of-the-art cost containment features, such as case management programs, we make it easy for our members to get the right care at the right facilities at the right time. Additionally, our specialty pharmacy program assists members with complex drug regimens, and ensures we’re prescribing the most effective drugs—in regard to cost and outcomes. Smart, thoughtful plan and care-delivery designs such as these help our clients and members access top-quality care and save dollars at the same time.

Also, earlier this year, our commercial HMO plan was rated the top-performing health plan in the United States in the 2016 eValue8™ survey. That, coupled with the new, top WHA Community Checkup ranking for our medical group, means that our HMO offering supercharges what you’re able to offer your clients—whether they offer employees the HMO on its own or alongside our Access PPO plan.

Providing the most cost-effective choice

For groups of 51–100, we’ve developed 52 standard plan designs that provide increased value. Introduced earlier, these plans provide a way to help keep down costs for your customers and our administration. They’ve been an exceedingly popular choice, helping bring in many of our new accounts. We’d love to hear from you about how they’re working for our mutual clients and how we could make them an even more attractive option.

Ultimately, we want to provide you with the most effective product choices in the market. Please contact our sales team if you’d like us to come and speak with you individually or with your group. Our team would love to talk about how we can provide your clients the most value.