Onboarding improvements address step-by-step needs

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New member welcomeMaking it easy and convenient for new members to get started with their Kaiser Permanente Washington health plan is the goal of onboarding improvements that began in November 2016.

Improvements are based on the idea that members go through a 100-day journey as they:

  • Become familiar with their Kaiser Permanente health plan
  • Register for online services
  • Choose a provider
  • Transfer their prescriptions
  • Begin getting care

Our materials and resources are becoming increasingly fine-tuned to provide members with the most relevant information, depending on where they are in those first 100 days of membership.

ID cards now prompt members to register online

One of our most recent onboarding improvements involves adding stickers to all non-Medicare ID cards, encouraging new members to go to kp.org/wa/signup to register for online services.

We know that members value the convenience of our website for reviewing health plan information, finding a doctor, refilling prescriptions, and many other services. The sooner they register online, the sooner they can begin taking advantage of those services.

New Member Welcome Team is popular addition

Beginning last January, new members can call our New Member Welcome Team to ask questions and get one-on-one help with any part of the onboarding process. Team members are quick to establish a warm and trusting relationship with callers and are skilled at getting new members off to a positive start.

With every touchpoint, we want to help new members feel welcomed and assured that Kaiser Permanente is here to support them in living their healthiest life.