New for 2017: expanded standard plans for groups 51–100

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Starting in January 2017, there will be more than 50 cost-effective HMO and PPO plan designs available for groups with 51–100 employees. These unique, set plans will skip the time-consuming customization process and, in most cases, offer lower premiums than traditional plans.

“We are continuing to try to find ways to best use the dollars our customers entrust us with,” said Connie Marvik, director, Large Group Sales and Account Management. “By introducing more standard plan designs we can lower the cost of serving our customers and provide a more flexible renewal.”

The new HMO and PPO plans are designed to be very cost competitive and easy for producers and employer groups to use. They were created using a snapshot of group plans with 51–100 employees while looking at the most commonly requested benefits.

Groups may choose up to two plans with Group Health serving as the sole carrier. Renewing and prospective groups with 51–100 total employees on the payroll will receive the standard plan designs with their renewals/quotes.

Why choose a standard plan?

  • The broad selection of standard HMO and PPO plans balance your customer’s needs for benefit flexibility with a range of cost-effective coverage options.
  • Among these plans, your customers are likely to find several with the right benefit mix at the right price—without the administrative burden of trying to build each one from scratch.
  • Rate sheets make the plans easy to compare.

Remember, employees get access to high-quality Group Health Medical Centers providers with both HMO and PPO plans. Our Access PPO network is one of the largest in the state.

For more information about our new standard plan designs for groups 51–100, contact your account manager or sales executive.

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