What is quality and why should it matter to you?

David Grossman, MD, MPH Executive Medical Director, Population and Purchaser Strategy

By David Grossman, MD, MPH; Senior Associate Medical Director, Market Strategy and Public Policy, Washington Permanente Medical Group; Senior Investigator, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute How do you determine what health care quality is? The term is so freely used and easily claimed by so many in the health care space that it can be […]


Top 10 conditions costing employers the most — and what we’re doing about them

A recent survey revealed the top 10 health conditions that impact employer health plan costs the most. More than 500 employers contributed to research conducted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. Here are the 10 conditions — and what Kaiser Permanente is doing to address them. 10. High-risk pregnancies (as reported by 5.6% […]


Kaiser Permanente Specialty Pharmacy: A prescription for lower prices

Employee prescription costs now make up nearly 20% of what a company spends on health care.1 And specialty drugs have been a major contributor to overall prescription costs. But through our Specialty Pharmacy, Kaiser Permanente Washington is saving more than $10 million a year in medication costs. The high cost of specialty drugs Specialty medications […]