Pharmacy system upgrade could impact your clients

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UPDATED. We want to provide an update to the story below and acknowledge the experience some of our members have been having with our pharmacy service. Our goal is to provide members with exceptional care and service—every time. We pride ourselves on meeting member needs quickly and safely. The transition to a new pharmacy system hasn’t gone as smoothly as planned. Members may have waited a long time to get their prescriptions, and we are very sorry for the delays.

We are working hard to resolve these issues and won’t stop until we’re providing the prompt service our members expect and deserve. Going forward, the new pharmacy system will ultimately help us better care for our members with improved patient safety, privacy, and convenience.

Oct. 13, 2016

Our pharmacy computer system is getting an upgrade and implementation of the new system will be completed in early November. The new system will enable us to better serve our members by enhancing patient safety, privacy, and convenience. However, those who use our Mail-Order Pharmacy to obtain their prescription drug refills will need to take action to help ensure seamless and timely delivery of the prescription drugs they or their dependents rely on.

Pharmacy system upgrade“This new system will support better quality and safety outcomes by using a shared medical record and problem list. It will also provide greater visibility and continuity of care between pharmacy and care teams,” says Tom Colleran, executive director, Pharmacy Clinical and Delivery Services. “Replacing our old technology also allows us to better utilize newer e-prescribing, messaging, tracking, and web/mobile technology to improve the experience for patients, providers, and pharmacy staff.”

The step members must take

Anyone who uses our Mail-Order Pharmacy will need to update their payment information after the system upgrade in early November. (Existing payment information cannot be automatically transferred into the new system.)

  • Members who use our website or mobile app to order refills must log on to MyGroupHealth at or use the Group Health app to re-enter credit or debit card information after the new system goes live in early November.
  • Members who order refills by telephone must call our Mail-Order Pharmacy at 206-901-4444 or 1-800-245-7979 after the new system goes live in early November to provide us with payment information.

What to expect when the new system goes live

We’ll have additional pharmacy staff on hand to help out as we transition to our new system. However, service in our pharmacies might be a bit slower for a while as our staff gets up to speed with the new system. Signs will be posted in our pharmacies alerting members to the system upgrade and the possible delay.

Members who use our website or mobile app to obtain their prescription drug refills will see changes in the interfaces, but should experience the same ease of use as they currently do. There is no change to the process of ordering by phone.

“We’ll be monitoring all our pharmacies’ wait times and call center access to ensure our members are minimally impacted. Additional resources and experts will be deployed where we need them. Members will see improved service over time, especially with the added features of our new pharmacy system, the web application, and our pharmacy queuing system in the waiting rooms,” says Katherine Bergman, director, Pharmacy Operations.

We sent a letter to members, which they received in mid-October, notifying them of this change and the steps they need to take. If your clients have questions or need help, please have them contact Customer Service.