Selling Delta Dental? Make sure you have an appointment

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delta_dentalIt’s handy that producer commissions for Delta Dental of Washington plans sold alongside Group Health small group plans are paid together through Group Health. But for that convenience to work, you need to make sure you have an active appointment with Delta Dental as well as with Group Health.

Through our affiliation with Delta Dental of Washington, Group Health markets dental plans alongside our small group plans. We handle the administration of monthly billing and payment of commission on Delta Dental’s behalf. It’s easier for producers and their clients to have a single carrier administer both policies.

But for Group Health to remit a monthly dental commission, the Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner requires an active appointment to exist between a producer and Delta Dental of Washington.

It is extremely important to make sure you’re in compliance with this requirement. The consequences of noncompliance can affect how and whether your commissions are paid.

If Delta Dental discovers a producer is not appointed to represent their plans, they ask the producer to submit required paperwork for appointment. If the producer does not respond, Delta Dental notifies Group Health to suppress the monthly commission. Suppression of commission will continue until the first premium month following the date a producer becomes appointed to represent Delta Dental.

Under no circumstance is Group Health able to retroactively pay commission for a premium month in which an appointment was not in place between a producer and Delta Dental of Washington.

If you sell Delta Dental of Washington plans with Group Health small group plans, check your appointment status. Contact Martha Kreiman, Delta Dental of Washington Producer Licensing, at or 206-528-7351.